Can a dental hygienist work independent from a dentist?

Yes - In 2007 legislation was amended - Dental hygienists who are authorized by the CDHO to self-Initiate are free to decide, based upon comprehensive assessment, to proceed with scaling teeth and root planing, including curetting surrounding tissue without the order from a dentist to proceed with dental hygiene authorized acts (teeth cleaning). Benefits to the public include; increased public access, those living in isolated / less serviced areas, rural settings, cultural communities, those who are home-bound, but also the public can choose where and when they receive dental hygiene services.

​Will my insurance provider accept dental hygiene fees?

​Yes - Most dental insurance providers recognize dental hygienist fees and will reimburse you. If you have coverage, a claim form will be completed at the end of your appointment and sent to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

​How do your fees compare to that of a general dentist's?

​Independent dental hygienists follow the ODHA (Ontario Dental Hygienists' Association) fee guide which, on average, can be found to be 20% - 50% less than the fees set out by the ODA (Ontario Dental Association) - used by Dentists', for a Dental Hygiene appointment.

​Will you be able to refer me to a dentist?

Yes - absolutely! Mobile Tooth Fairies collaborates with dentists as well as other health care professionals in order to ensure effective and complete care. We are happy to refer you to a dentist or other health care specialist.

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